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Breathing Code into Ideas

  • Shaping visions into digital masterpieces

Digital transformation from wireframe to masterpiece

CDG's professional software development and digital transformation services on top of a proprietary battle-tested microservices ecosystem.

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CDG's Microservices Foundation Platform

CDG's proprietary system for deployment automation and management of microservices-based containerised applications

Development Services

Let our software engineers bring your needs to life, or hire dedicated developer teams to be integrated into your organisation.

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Dev & Implementation

We breathe code into ideas, bringing to life software solutions from concept to the field, for any platform, audience and need.

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24/7 Support

24/7 support for any and all aspects of platform behaviour and performance, and apps developed and deployed to it.

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  • Specsavers
    "We had very skilled project team members who were able to lead, adapt and respond to feedback and challenges to ensure the project stayed on track."
    Alan Goddon
    Director of Retail Advancement
  • "CDG's tech innovation experience has helped DWP to deliver a number of key initiatives across the business. We rely on them for their independent thinking and as advisors who help us get things done quickly and efficiently. A proven and safe pair of hands no doubt"
    Kenny Robertson
    Deputy CIO
  • Lomax Logo
    "We were really impressed with the team at CDG, because their frank and friendly approach to development suited our culture perfectly. The team were more than happy to discuss our needs face to-face and work towards achieving the vision of the final product that we had in mind."
    David Farrell
  • DVLA logo
    "CDG brought the knowledge and skills that we didn’t have in-house, for example in automating infrastructure build and continuous deployment. The speed which CDG enabled was particularly impressive, and with the agile, iterative approach we were able to constantly evaluate the platform as we developed it."
    Blake Griffin
    Digital Technology Director

Building Solutions. Forming relationships.

Driven by engineering excellence and customer satisfaction since 2010.

With numerous high profile customers our platform and software development services are battle tested at scale.

We only make promises we intend to keep. adhere to strict timetables, and provide constant platform updates.

We work with complete transparency and ensure smooth communications across stakeholders

We stay ahead of the curve, think outside the box and foster a culture of innovation and creativity in our workforce.

We build and design our microservices based software and their underlaying platform with scalability and future development in mind.

We put special emphasis on user experience, explore new ways to simplify usage and increase adoption speed and rates

Why choose CDG?

We live and breathe the digital landscape, packed with years of experience delivering end-to-end software solutions running on our proprietary microservices orchestration platform. Striving towards engineering excellence and using the latest tools and methodologies. We have one goal in mind: providing you with innovative digital services that meet your short, mid and long-term business needs with full transparency and at scale.

Platform Support and Implantation

CDG's experts will take your existing digital services and apps, containerise them, deploy them on our orchestration platform, and ensure they work flawlessly with failsafe mechanisms and in unison with other digital services.

Replace your outdated service bus with a cutting edge microservices architecture and turn APIs into unified processes, powered by CDG’s Incubus platform, serviced by our experts, and tweaked by our software engineers.

Upgrade your digital organisation by rewriting existing software, rewiring communication channels and adjusting it to modern management, deployment and data and app integration requirements.

Engineering excellence from the infrastructure up

CDG implementation and integration services goes beyond the code and integration with your existing digital organisations.
Our implementation services include helping you setting up an optimal deployment on mixed internal and external cloud environments, spanning different vendors such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Azure, as well as on-premise servers.

Scalable tailored-fit developer teams that work alongside your own talent.

CDG provides flexible and scalable dedicated project teams to work in unison with your internal talent and management.

We provide agile units of top of the line developers built to specification, spanning multiple skill-sets, experience and expertise, that will work embedded within your teams and department.

Bring your ideas to life, from concept to screen

CDG’s end-to-end software development services for bespoke software

Unique development cycle

Developed based on years of experience, CDG’s uses its own unique form of Agile which starts with rapid functional prototyping (not just graphic illustrations), and details are gradually filled in based on constant feedback in strong involvement.

Transparent cooperation

While you will be managed with a Customer Success expert, you can also get access to your project’s management board, our Git and more, allowing you to see exactly what developers are working on, progress, projected timetables and more.

Scalable with no lock-ins

While developed on our own Incubus platform, all of CDG's software products can be easily migrate-able to other platform due to its flexible nature. Furthermore, thanks again to our platform and methods – scalability is built into the software from the get go.

Spanning front to back end in multiple web and mobile technologies and on a verity of platforms and methodologies

Fully equipped with all the hardware and software required to start integrated projects, for on and off-site work

CDG's development teams can be easily expanded, replaced and added as the project progresses and demands grow and change

CDG ensures your teams are built from the best talent the UK has to offer with relevant experience and skill set per your needs and demands

Multiple Development Centres

Some of the brightest minds around the world

Sunningdale, UK

CDG's HQ and main development centre, packed mostly with front and back-end web developers, DevOps engineers, and our support team.

Reading, UK

CDG's secondary development centre where most of the in-house products and specialised bespoke projects are developed and maintained.

Palermo, Italy

CDG's nearshore development centre in Italy providing multi-technology cost-effective development teams managed by our UK staff.

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