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Delivering Digital Transformation

"We had very skilled project team members who were able to lead, adapt and respond to feedback and challenges to ensure the project stayed on track."

Alan Goddon

Director of Retail Advancement

"CDG brought the knowledge and skills that we didn’t have in-house, for example in automating infrastructure build and continuous deployment. The speed which CDG enabled was particularly impressive, and with the agile, iterative approach we were able to constantly evaluate the platform as we developed it."

Blake Griffin

Digital Technology Director


"CDG's tech innovation experience has helped DWP to deliver a number of key initiatives across the business. We rely on them for their independent thinking and as advisors who help us get things done quickly and efficiently. A proven and safe pair of hands no doubt“

Kenny Robertson

Deputy CIO

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What we do

We create amazing digital services irrespective of device, platform or location. We work alongside our clients to pinpoint new opportunities, deliver value for the long term and create new business by mobilising the full power of digital. Whether that’s in new business, new services, or new experiences.

We believe in creating a digital masterpiece out of a vision. We empower our clients by building capabilities they can build on, turning their ideas into a successful working reality. Bound by a unique combination of exceptional digital talent, analytical skills and extensive business tech-savvy skills, we have the critical resources for successfully designing, building and implementing great digital services.

Why choose CDG?


We have enabled some of the world's best-known brands and organisations to design, build and launch great digital services, rapidly and cost effectively – exactly as they wanted.


We only make promises we intend to keep. We do the things we say we will. We adhere to timetables and guidelines, and never lock our customers to a vendor or platform.


We always make sure to stay ahead of the curve, think outside the box and foster a culture of innovation and creativity in both our workforce and that of our clients.


We work with our clients, not just for them. We ensure transparency every step of the way. We ensure smooth communications across stakeholders and teams.


We build and design applications with flexibility and future development in mind. We ensure that changes are easy to implement, and provide documentation and training.


We put emphasis on end-user experience, whether a customer or internal employee. We explore ways to simplify usage, increase success rates and speed-up adoption.


Implement Agile management techniques without prior expertise

Firebrick is our management system, which allows small teams and businesses to adopt Agile concepts and styles in a number of processes, including CRM and Project Management

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Industry-recognised standards and methods, alongside an innovative and fresh-thinking approach

Within our Development Service we are able to provide our own professional, CDG development team. Alternatively, we can enhance the skill-set of your employees, working alongside your existing development team.

Automate end-to-end software delivery processes

CDG's DevOps service is an enabler for the continuous evolution of applications. While enabling organisations to future-proof, ensuring quicker time to market their new features and products, along with the scalability and security of both large enterprises and start-ups.

Product Management
Product Management
Bringing innovation to the forefront

CDG's Product Management Service develops the ideas for new products, along with enhancements to your existing systems. Our product managers will work in collaboration with your product delivery teams, partners and key stakeholders. Providing the right balance of talented support to achieve outstanding results.

Where we work

Multiple Development Centres

Some of the brightest minds around the world
Sunningdale, UK
Sunningdale, UK

CDG's HQ and main development centre, packed mostly with front and back-end web developers, DevOps engineers, and our support team.

Reading, UK
Reading, UK

CDG's secondary development centre where most of the in-house products and specialised bespoke projects are developed and maintained.

Palermo, Italy
Palermo, Italy

CDG's nearshore development centre in Italy providing multi-technology cost-effective development teams managed by our UK staff.