To date our most nationally impactful project has been with the DVLA, who we worked with to abolish paper car discs, digitalising their system to enable drivers and businesses to tax their vehicle online. Paper car discs, which had been in existence since January 1921, stood as visual proof that owners had paid Vehicle Excise Duty; removing this in favour for a new online system which began October 2014.

This move was welcomed by many fleet and motoring bodies who are now saving around £10m per annum, and reported a rapid decrease in administration fees and time to lease or rent out a vehicle. 

Now the DVLA and police refer to the DVLA’s electronic vehicle register to check and confirm a vehicles tax position, owners also have their own system which allows for them to log on and check their tax status as well as renewal date, modify personal details and make payments. Another few additions we made are enabling direct debit payments  and to automatically issue refunds without a separate application.