Client-facing responsibilities

CDG’s software build teams design, build and maintain large, cloud-native micro-service deployments for various clients. The Engineering Services Manager will have overall responsibility for client relationships over all engagements, including:

  • Ensuring clients are delivered quality software on time and to budget, and monitoring client satisfaction
  • Creating and negotiating statements of work
  • Mediating conflict between clients and project teams
  • Promoting CDG’s engineering culture to clients
  • Managing the relationship between clients and CDG Support

Relations with Project Teams

CDG’s engineers work in teams, each with a team lead. Teams are project-based, and they are assigned members according to changing requirements. Their stable relationship with CDG management is through the Engineering Services Manager. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Overseeing and co-ordinating training and support of newly hired project members
  • Liaising with team leads to ensure team coherence and balance
  • Maintaining an overview of CDG’s changing skills requirements, and managing cross-training and job rotation to minimise coverage gaps
  • Monitoring individual and team metrics and performance, identifying the need for corrective action where necessary
  • Overseeing career development of CDG’s team members, and responding to training and upskilling needs
  • Promoting and developing evolution of a team ethos based on openness, inclusion and thoughtfulness
  • Promotion of professional standards of behaviour and engineering practice

Internal Company Responsibilities

  • Helping to steer the company, through participation in the Strategy Team and the Recruitment Team
  • Participation in the bid process
  • Involvement in recruiting and hiring talent for the engineering team
  • Line responsibility for the technical support manager

Besides interpersonal and influencing skills, you will need software engineering experience to communicate with the engineering teams. Additionally, the ability to take part directly in mentoring would be a significant advantage.

We require the following skills from our engineering team members, so you should also have some experience in these areas:

  • Core software engineering using Java, possibly using a scripting language. Design patterns as well as foundation principles such as SOLID and DRY.
  • A good understanding, and preferably experience with, cloud-based and cloud-native architectures, development and tooling – most typically AWS.
  • Gathering information regarding a particular problem, prioritising workloads, driving features or bug fixes through to production and analysing problems in order to find solutions for them.
  • Being involved in agile software product development that delivers robust, well-tested, quality software components.
  • Development and maintenance of CI/CD flows, tooling, builds and processes based on the use of Jenkins, Nexus, GitLab, Maven and SonarQube.
  • Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, SSH, Jira, Hibernate, Mockito and JUnit.
  • Linux OS administration skills.


We have a home for dinner policy. We value a sensible work-life balance which means that once you are established in the team, it’s likely that you can work from home for at least one or two days per week. We offer flexible working arrangements with a mix of visits expected to a customer site and CDG HQ (Sunningdale) coupled with WFH. The more you can attend a customer site and CDG HQ the better. However, tell us what’s sustainable for you in the long-term.

Who are you?

We would love to see your on-line footprint, feel free to send us links for your Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow or DZone profile.

Salary: Commensurate with experience
Hours: 37.5 per week
Based: Mixture of: Sunningdale, Berkshire; Working from home; client sites
Contract: Permanent

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