Consultant Technical Lead (Tier 4)

CDG’s Consultant Software Engineer team design, build and maintain large, cloud-native micro-service deployments for various clients.

Email your CV and cover letter to apply:

As a CDG Consultant Technical Lead, you will focus on leading a team using the following skills:

  • Acting as the main point-of-contact for a client project or work-stream.
  • Participating in program-level agile ceremonies and representing the team.
  • Contributing to inter-project architectural design.
  • Core software engineering using Java. Driving the use of appropriate design patterns as well as foundation principles such as SOLID and DRY.
  • Experience with cloud-based and could-native architectures, development and tooling.
  • Gathering information regarding a particular problem, prioritising workloads, driving features or bug fixes through to production and analysing problems in order to find solutions for them.
  • Driving evolution of an agile software product development process that delivers robust, well-tested, quality software components.
  • Development and maintenance of CI/CD flow, tooling, builds and processes based on the use of Jenkins, Nexus, GitLab, Maven and SonarQube.
  • Promoting and developing evolution of a team ethos based on openness, inclusion and thoughtfulness.

We hire based more on ability and determination than experience. Don’t feel that 20 years of experience or formal qualifications are a pre-requisite for this role. However, consulting experience or desire to learn it is essential.

Communication Skills

We have a customer base that requires daily interaction using both written and spoken English; both of these are key to this role.  Also required is the ability to write technical documentation to support the work that you undertake. Furthermore, you must be able to share your knowledge with the rest of the team. The ability to mentor is a bonus. You will be expected to support and drive the continued creation of supporting documentation representing use of technologies, tools and techniques.

Other Useful Technologies

As well as core cloud-based technologies, we use the Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, SSH, Jira, Hibernate, Mockito and Junit amongst a whole host of other technologies for most of our client projects. You will have experience and ideas that can help shape the future direction of technology used by CDG’s clients.


We have a home for dinner policy. We value a sensible work-life balance which means that once you are established in the team, it’s likely that you can work from home for at least one or two days per week. We offer flexible working arrangements with a mix of visits expected to a customer site and CDG HQ (Sunningdale) coupled with WFH. The more you can attend a customer site and CDG HQ the better. However, tell us what’s sustainable for you in the long-term.

Who are you?

We would love to see your online footprint, feel free to send us links for your Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, LinkedIn, StackOverflow or DZone profile.