Wiggle, the world’s favourite online sports retailer, has pedalled its way from a single shop in Portsmouth to an international e-commerce success.

No success story comes without its challenges, however, and Wiggle had a big one it needed CDG to resolve.

As the business had grown, time-consuming admin issues had started to flood Wiggle’s IT team and hinder productivity. With an aim to grow further within three years, Wiggle appointed CDG to cut down its IT admin workload and help make its growth plans a reality.

CDG recommended Wiggle remove roadblocks by offloading software development, tool management and support. This meant moving its Atlassian toolset to CDG’s ADAPT platform, a fully supported and maintained solution that enables advanced customisation and configuration.

Doing so allowed CDG to handle all of Wiggle’s system admin, maintenance and management, enabling the retailer’s development team to focus solely on optimising and maximising their use of the tools.

The ADAPT solution also supported Wiggle to increase data security and manage user access through a simple management interface. Better yet, it allowed Wiggle to restructure its licensing fees, saving the business money and offering greater flexibility as team members often joined and left projects before completion.

CDG’s solution has massively reduced Wiggle’s IT admin effort, fully exploited its Atlassian toolset and increased staff productivity, leaving the retailer to whizz ahead once more.